Who is NT Leather Studio?

NT Leather consists of two architects with a passion for elegant minimal design, combined with the robust character and strength of handmade leather goods.
We combine an essentials-only design philosophy with an ethos of high-quality craftsmanship, resolved down to the last stitch.
All of our products are hand-cut and hand-stitched in our small studio in Durban, South Africa.
Our company arose from a love of design and making, and grew when we started getting orders from friends who saw the items we had made for ourselves. When our assistants came on board, we realised what a difference this business was making in their lives and decided to formalize it, and develop a range of products. 
We support, and practice, the use of 100% South African material and production. To create better lives for ourselves, in isolation, only leads to further disparity and contributes to the many problems our country faces. So, to empower the community around us, even on a small scale, allows a better standard of living for everyone, and we just come along for the ride. By keeping everything local, we also ensure that there is a legacy of craft that is passed down in our own local communities, which may outlast us by generations, and open up doors for countless people.
Based on these principles, we continue to grow and learn, seeking new opportunities and creating awesome new products.